Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shumatsu Cycling, Vol. 2

Rails to trails.

Drying the wash, and the persimmons.

Shumatsu Cycling, Vol. 2

The Agano River at Mikawa.

The approach.

The climbing begins.

Road blocked, but just enough room for a cyclist to squeeze by.

Affixing wire mesh to the mountainside.

Have I said that 32x13 is not the best gearing for this climb?

Finally, the descent begins.

Going my way.
Looking back. 
The bike path used to be this wide throughout.
Now there are sections of single-track.

Cycle Mode 2013

Don and I left for Tokyo and Cycle Mode 2013 aboard an early departure shinkansen, or bullet train. One of the newer models, that serving Akita prefecture, was at the Tokyo platform.
Shimano advertising aboard the local train bound for Makuhari Messe, the venue for the expo.
Long lines.
Finally in.
Hours later, famished, at a nearby mall.
We couldn't leave before having our photo taken with One Direction, who were playing that evening at Makuhari.
Random photo of amusing misspelling.

Cycle Mode 2013, Some Salsa and a Kona

Motocross International are the importers of Salsa, Surly, and other QBP brands. Salsa have come out with some intersting bikes for 2014, including fat bikes in carbon fiber and aluminum and a redesigned El Mariachi SS, stiffer with a shorter wheelbase and a maxle up front.



Don is a Kona Unit SS man, and his bike shop is a dealer for the brand. We checked out their booth in particular to have a look at the new Kona fat bike, at 170,000 yen the lowest-priced fattie on the market. 

Cycle Mode 2013:Bits and Pieces