Sunday, September 22, 2013

Product review - WTB Rocket V race saddle

Hi Everybody

Don here with our first product review, the WTB Rocket V Race saddle. Well as you all know cycling is only enjoyable if your ride is comfortable and the difference between a good fitting comfortable saddle and a saddle that is not comfortable can mean the end of your trip or some serious saddle sores. Personally I have found my Brooks B17 to be one of the most comfortable saddles I own , but being leather it has its drawbacks and you need to take care of it and not let it get wet. Here in Niigata where Brian and I both live and commute all year long we are faced with a variety of weather  so having an easy to care for saddle that is comfortable on long rides is whats needed. Recently after some research I decided on purchasing the WTB Rocket V Race saddle, it seems to be the favorite saddle of many MTB and long distance endurance racers and after my recent 135km ride into the mountains and back , I can easily say that this is the most comfortable modern saddle I have owned. Its not super lightweight , nor expensive but if you are looking for all day comfort on the bike and putting in long hours in the saddle I would invest in one. Most good bicycle shops should be able to order you one, for more info check out the WTB website

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